Aims and scope

E&G Quaternary Science Journal (EGQSJ) is an interdisciplinary open-access journal, which publishes peer-reviewed articles and express reports, as well as thesis abstracts related to Quaternary geology, paleo-environments, paleo-ecology, soil science, paleo-climatology, geomorphology, geochronology, archaeology, geoarchaeology, and now also encompassing methodological advances and aspects of the societal relevance of Quaternary research. EGQSJ is a non-profit, community-based effort: It is run by Quaternary scientists, financed by Quaternary scientists, and supporting Quaternary scientists, because any revenue generated is only used to support publications in the journal.

To guarantee fair access to high quality scientific publications, the Quaternary scientific community, as represented by the host institution of EGQSJ, the German Quaternary Association (DEUQUA), covers the article processing charges (APC) for the publications in EGQSJ. This is in line with the journal's general guidance, to put scientific quality first, and not let money be a limiting factor in open-access publication of high-quality research. However, all authors who have third party funding available to cover the APCs themselves can thereby actively support the journal, and with it the Quaternary scientific community.

EGQSJ was established under the name "Eiszeitalter & Gegenwart" (i.e. "ice age and present" in German) in 1951 and has since then covered the broad range of Quaternary research. By linking insights from the past (i.e. the ice age) with the present, our publications provide an interdisciplinary understanding and knowledge that becomes even more important in the context of the current challenges of global climate change. Please take your chance to join us in shaping the future of the journal by considering EGQSJ as a reputable, worthwhile alternative for publication of scientific papers, innovative express reports, and thesis abstracts dealing with Quaternary research.