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E&G Quaternary Science Journal An open-access journal of the German Quaternary Association
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Journal subject areas

The journal subject areas are defined by the index terms below. These terms represent the keywords to be chosen for assignment of submitted manuscripts to individual associate editors:

  • quaternary geology;
  • paleo-environments;
  • paleo-ecology;
  • soil science;
  • paleo-climatology;
  • geomorphology;
  • geochronology;
  • archaeology;
  • geoarchaeology;
  • methodological advances;
  • societal relevance of Quaternary research.
Associate editors' expertise
  • Becky Briant | landscape evolution, geochronology, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction
  • Eleanore Brown | quaternary geoconservation, geoheritage
  • Elisabeth Dietze | fire reconstruction, sediment transport, lake level change
  • Markus Fuchs | quaternary Sciences, geomorphology, geoarchaeology
  • Sven Lukas | glaciers, sedimentology, geomorphology
  • Christopher Lüthgens | quaternary geochronology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, geomorphology
  • Jan-Hendrik May | southern hemisphere paleoclimate, fluvial geomorphology, quaternary stratigraphy
  • Julia Meister | geoarchaeology, human–environment interactions, (pre)historic water management and land use strategies
  • Tony Reimann | quaternary geochronology, luminescence dating, lowland geomorphology
  • Gilles Rhixon | fluvial (palaeo-)environments, geochronology with focus on cosmogenic nuclides, geomorphology
  • Zsófia Ruszkiczay-Rüdiger | quaternary geochronology, cosmogenic nuclides, fluvial and glacial geomorphology
  • Bernhard Salcher | glacial and fluvial depositional systems, glacial and postglacial erosional processes, glacial geomorphology
  • Daniela Sauer | soil formation, palaeopedology, micromorphology
  • Tobias Sprafke | soil science, paleo-environments, paleo-climatology
  • Hans von Suchodoletz | geomorphology, sediment archives (especially fluvial and colluvial archives), geoarchaeology
  • Ingmar Unkel | geochemistry, palaeoclimate, mediterranean
  • Michael Zech | biogeochemistry, stable isotopes
  • Christian Zeeden | loess, orbital climate forcing, (quantitative) integrated stratigraphy
Advisory Board members' expertise
  • Flavio Anselmetti | lake sediments, paleoenvironment, paleoseismology
  • Pierre Antoine | quaternary palaeoenvironments, loess-palaeosols and fluvial sequences (terraces), palaeolithic
  • Margot Böse | geomorphology, quaternary stratigraphy, glacial and periglacial palaeo-environment
  • Chris Clark | palaeo-glaciology, glacial geomorphology, quaternary ice sheets
  • Philip Gibbard | quaternary stratigraphy, sedimentation, glaciation and fluvial deposition
  • Susan Ivy-Ochs | geomorphology, geochronology, cosmogenic nuclides
  • Leszek Marks | quaternary geology, paleoclimate, stratigraphy
  • Giovanni Monegato | sedimentology and stratigraphy of continental successions, provenance, geological survey
  • Cesare Ravazzi | quaternary ecology, climate reconstructions, vegetation history
  • Jürgen Reitner | glaciation, landscape evolution, mass movements
  • James Rose | cold climate geomorphology and quaternary science including glacial history of Britain and Europe, river development, sea-level change
  • Christian Schlüchter | fundamental and applied glacial geology, quaternary stratigraphy, holocene glaciers
  • Jef Vandenberghe | loess, geomorphology, grain size
  • Henk Weerts
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