E&G Quaternary Science Journal now indexed in Scopus

19 October 2022

In the name of the editorial board of E&G Quaternary Science Journal (EGQSJ), an interdisciplinary open-access journal, it is my great pleasure to give you an update on the latest development of the journal. EGQSJ publishes peer-reviewed articles and express reports, as well as thesis abstracts, related to Quaternary geology, palaeo-environments, palaeo-ecology, soil science, palaeo-climatology, geomorphology, geochronology, archaeology, geoarchaeology, and methodological advances and aspects of the societal relevance of Quaternary research. EGQSJ has been successfully evaluated for inclusion in Scopus by their Content Selection and Advisory Board, and all contributions will from now on be indexed in the Scopus database. For EGQSJ as a non-profit, community-based effort – it is run by Quaternary scientists, financed by Quaternary scientists, and supports Quaternary scientists because any revenue generated is only used to support publications in the journal – this marks the next milestone on the successful path it has taken during the last few years.

This great achievement on the one hand reflects the time and effort dedicated to the journal by all members of the editorial board, the advisory board and reviewers, and the team at Copernicus Publications, but even more so it demonstrates the high confidence of the Quaternary scientific community to entrust EGQSJ with the handling and publication of their scientific work. We plan to build on this trust and will continue shaping the future of the journal – without your submissions, this would not have been possible.

Christopher Lüthgens
Chief Editor of EGQSJ